Massage is becoming one of the most well known, well understood and popular complementary therapies today, it feels good, is relaxing and invigorating. It affects the nerves, muscles, glands, and circulation, while promoting health and well being. Helps to ease the mental distress that is caused by being in pain, releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural “feel good” chemicals, giving you a natural high and improve your self confidence and self esteem.

We provide the very best by our qualified and trained therapists who offer Oil Body Massage, Four Hands Massage, Tantric Massage, and Couple Massage in Montreal. Whether you need a warm bodywork for pain relief or if you need to simply relax & unwind, give yourself the luxury in total relaxation you deserve.

We also offer outcall massage service. If you would like a massage in the privacy of your hotel room, give us a call. The benefits of Asian outcall massage are that you will be waiting for a massage therapist at your room without the need to travel.  Enjoy a professional massage at your hotel and relax or have all the stress and tension eased away with a wonderful Montreal massage.

Welcome to Montreal Sensual Tantric Massage. We provide excellent massage services. Our experienced therapists are ready to relax your mind and relieve your weary body. Stimulate your senses relax refresh & revive.

Montreal Sensual Tantric Massage will give you a wonderful massage experience for yourself tonight. Unforgettable pleasures of a sensual massage, that is unequaled anywhere else in the world, an experience that will take you on a journey into rapture.

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Montreal Sensual Tantric Massage can provide a burst of creative energy, stimulating your intellect, deepening your intimacy with your beloved while enhancing your own sensuality. We provide the very best by our qualified and trained therapists who offer Tantric Massage in Montreal. All of us are professionally trained in the discipline of fine art of Tantra.

Tantra is an Eastern science of physical, mental and spiritual enlightenment where sexuality is used as the threshold path to rapture and enlightenment. Tantric Massage involves in the energy flowing in a human body and aims to release the blockages and tension focusing on physical satisfaction and sensuality. It is a combination of lovingly touching along with sensual and erotic massaging of your entire body including certain sensual areas that gently soothes the body along with its spiritual senses. This massage is designed for the discerning client who wants to experience something special and unforgettable.

Having a sensual tantra massage with one of our highly skilled and experienced masseuses will really work this energy around the body through gentle and subtle massage techniques which will leave you feeling both totally relaxed and also totally invigorated. Most of our clients have also reported that it can also be great to relieve muscle aches and pains making it a real all round therapy in both body and mind.

All highly trained and experienced to deliver our unique, sensual tantra naturist massages. Put your body in Asian Mystic’s hands and let us take you to your heaven.

We also provide out call hotel service. Experience the ultimate outcall massage in Montreal. Call us and arrange a visiting massage therapist to come to your hotel room and give you the very best sensual massage that Canada has to offer.

We offer full body massage, tantric massage, and four hand massage. No matter you are traveling or working in Montreal. Just a simple call, we can simply offering you the best Sensual Massage in Montreal!

Tantric Massage Montreal

Suffering from muscle aches, had a lot of stress or just need a moment to relax? Treat yourself with one of our relaxing treatments! Our massage therapists are experienced professionals that can give a relaxing and sensual experience, just what a tired body needs. Our masseuses work on location, a treatment can be performed in the comfortable environment of the client’s home or hotel. Get ready to be pampered and give us a call!

Tantric Massage

Try our Montreal Tantric Massage today! Sensual tantric massage is an erotic massage which has its focus on stimulating the sensual energy of the client. Throughout the session the client will be stimulated towards a climax with a wonderful sensual massage. The masseuse will use special tantric massage techniques to delay the moment of the orgasm. An energetic and ecstatic feeling will rush through the body during this sensual massage.

Our Tantric massage is a unique, erotic massage which allows the client to relax and explore the erotic energy and enjoy as it flows through the whole body. Tense muscles, energy blockages and stress can get in the way of a healthy and energized feeling. By relaxing the muscles during the tantric massage, the bodily energy can flow freely through the body. This will make the client feel relaxed, energized and aroused. A great way to treat yourself!

How a tantric massage proceeds

cos-01-girl-giving-guy-massage-lgn-mdnTo make sure this sensual massage exceeds the client’s expectations it is important to use a clean, comfortable and private area in which you can relax and enjoy the tantric treatment to the fullest. The masseuse will start with soft touching and kneading so the client can get accustom with her touch and can relax. Once both the body and mind are relaxed and in the moment the tantric massage can start. By treating sensual areas of the body the client will be slowly guided to an ecstatic state. Special preferences and individual health issues can be addressed during the massage. Please don’t hesitate to communicate your personal preferences to us so we can guarantee a great experience.

Next to treating sensual areas of the body also the private areas will get the attention it deserves. The whole body will be massaged at first, the masseuse will slowly focus more on the sensual areas of the body. After that the private areas will be treated to move onto the more sensual part of the tantric massage. By using several tantric massage techniques to treat the scrotum, penis and prostate the client will reach a long orgasmic state easily. Slowly but steady the client will be guided to an intense orgasm which opens up the sexual energy in the body like never before.

Benefits of tantric sensual massage

A tantric massage has several health benefits and can help enhance the sex life and sexual energy. A relaxing and arousing massage can help treat stress related issues, fatigue, tiredness and tense muscles. It can make the client feel reborn and energized. Besides that a tantric sensual massage can positively influence the sex life and libido. People dealing with an unsatisfying sex life, prostate issues or erection issues can benefit greatly from a professional sensual massage. Both the sexual energy and self-esteem get a boost which can help fix small sexual issues.outcall-massage-45321025-250