Welcome to our website, maybe you do not know us yet, but we are the Mecca of happy end Sensual Tantric Massage Asian Style, Check our reviews in the Asian happy massage website, just type Sorrento Spa you will see that we have a long time reputation as the best authentic Asian Happy End Sensual Tantric Massage Incall downtown.

Come to visit us, here how to find our incall facility spa, book a time and a room if you wish by calling or chatting our hotline number +1 514-840-0216 or just come around, whenever you need to relax, escape from stress or anything else. We will offer you a cup of tea and nice conversation while you choose one (or more) among our very large team of Massage Therapist girls.

We are always many girls present at the spa at any given time waiting for you, this is one of our strong points. Now, in case you do not know what Asian Style Happy End Tantric Sensual Massage is, here follow some explanations and there is much more in the other pages of our website because we love to talk about this and to enjoy it with you, we love to share the interesting encounters and the therapeutic experiences we do in our every day job.

Chinese Massage (Tui Na and An Mo) and Tantra have both a millenary history and they both are rich of wisdom and extraordinary valuable knowledge about how our body, mind, heart system works. In the modern times a Tantric happy end massage means a hands or body to body naked massage that thoroughly treat all our body areas from head to toe (including your prostate and Lingam) following Chinese traditional medicine meridians anatomy and in accordance with Tantric Yoga philosophy, this revigorating and relaxing massage finish with an expert stimulation of your sexuality to the point of release. All is fueled with the therapist passion for body to body contact and human soul interface because a real authentic Asian Style Happy End Tantric Massage is more than a body physical and erotic experience, a good Asian Tantric Massage therapist also uses her Chi life force and heart energy to touch more than the body of the patient to ensure he can truly have a energetical liberating sensual massage experience and recover that happiness that is our birth right. The Sensuality of the massage is fundamental to reach the deepest corners of the patient subconscious and allow him to purge all negativity hidden inside. You can understand that our idea is to provide you the most intense Sensual Erotic Tantric massage experience with real smile.

Montreal is an amazing city full of different cultures and ethnicity it harbor among these an incredible quantity of massage parlors all legitimate in their own service they are distributed a bit everywhere in the West End so you can just stumble upon one and try, by trial error you will end up finding either a place or a masseuse that will make you really happy. We are in the heart of Montreal close to the Westwood Park and a lot of nice good luxury Hotels or even hourly hotels and we really care of making all our customers truly happy at every therapy session, our management can be reached any time to listen your feedback or special needs, we like to hear what you want and understand how you feel so do not hesitate just call. We are proud to say that we are truly one of the finest Happy End Tantric massage incall establishment in Montreal, don’t miss to try us at least once.